The Nest Check-in

Calle Hortensias 153, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco 48399, Mexico

3:00 PM – 10:00 PM
The code for Nido is 0153. You can text us on the Airbnb app if you need assitance and we will be right there. El codigo de la caja de Nido es 1131. Puedes enviarnos un mensaje de texto por Airbnb si nos necesitas y estaremos allí.

Step 1

The Nest Check-in 18-4-2024 1

Step 2

The Nest Check-in 18-4-2024 2

The address of The Nest is: Calle Hortensias 153, Zona Romántica, Amapas, 48399 Puerto Vallarta, Jal., Mexico.
Here is the link to the Google Map: it is the red marker.
Please note to enter you will go through the gate to you right.

Step 3

The Nest Check-in 18-4-2024 3

Enter the gate with the code 0153#

Step 4

The Nest Check-in 18-4-2024 4

Touch anywhere on the touch pad to light the numbers.

Step 5

The combination is 0153#
Then pull the door twords you. Please close the gate and it will lock automatically.

Step 6

You have to go 2 flights of steps down, here is the first flight.

Step 7

When you get to the bottom of the first flight turn to your right and go down one more flight.

Step 8

The Nest Check-in 18-4-2024 8

Here is the door, make sure the sign on the right says “Mi Casa Nido” The lock Box is next to it.
The keys will be in the lockbox. The lockbox combination is 0153

Step 9

The lockbox code is 0153. Once you enter the code you can slide the lever down on the left to open the lockbox, the keys will be inside.

Step 10

The Nest Check-in 18-4-2024 10

To take a shortcut to Old Town, you can go all the way down the steps. At the bottom of the steps, you will find a gate that has the same code as the top gate (0153#). It is important to remember this code as you will need it to enter either the top gate or the bottom gate when you come back.

Step 11

If you have to take out the trash, go out to the street and look to your right, you will see 2 trash container’s there.