The Nest Check-in

Step 1

Nest Check-in step 1

The address of The Nest is: Calle Hortensias 153, Zona Romántica, Amapas, 48399 Puerto Vallarta, Jal., Mexico. Here is the link to the Google Map: it is the red marker.

Step 2

Nest Check-in step 2

We are at the red Marker

Step 3

Nest Check-in step 3

Here is the gate and lockbox to get your key, if you have problems, please text us at the Airbnb app as we are more than likely inside cleaning.

Step 4

Nest Check-in step 4

The lock box code is 1131 There will be 2 keys, one for the gate you are at (round one) and 1 for the condo. Put the code in and slide the lever to your left down. Once you get the keys, close the box, put the code back to 0000 and close the cover. The condo is 2 flights down, the door is to your left.

Step 5

Nest Check-in step 5

You have to go 2 flights of steps down, here is the first flight.

Step 6

Nest Check-in step 6

When you get to the bottom of the first flight turn to your right and go down one more flight.

Step 7

Nest Check-in step 7

Here is the door, make sure the sign on the right says “Mi Casa Nido”

Step 8

Nest Check-in step 8

When you leave you can either use your key to unlock the gate or push the button.

Step 9

Nest Check-in step 9

If you have to take out the trash, go out to the street and look to your right, you will see 2 trash container’s there.