Self Check in Casa Vizcarra 1

Step 1:


Here it is on the map

Step 2:


The address is Aquiles Serdán #492, col. Emiliano Zapata.

Step 3:

When you enter the entrance there will be 2 lockboxes on your left side.

Step 4:


Your keys will be in the number 1 lockbox the code is 1974

Step 5:

The combination is 1974.
Please do not leave the numbers on 1974 when you are done
Close the door and scramble the numbers and close the cover to the numbers.

Step 6:


If you need light you can see the light switch circled in red.

Step 7:


Open the gate and
Casa Vizcarra 1 is just inside the main gate to your left, look for number one.
There are 3 keys 1 is for the main gate into the building. 2 is for the iron gate into the apartment. 3 is for the wooden door into the apartment.

Step 8:


To take the garbage out, go to the street go right and drop it at the corner.