You can turn on the on the top left of the remote control. (circled in red)

You can adjust the volume with the + and –


When the TV comes on it should be on the channel guide or the home screen.

If it is not push the Back button on the remote (circled in yellow) 

If nothing happens click the HOME button on the remote (circled in GREEN) and it should bring you to a screen like this. If not click once on the down button and you should see the screen below.

Click on the Apollo APP (circled in RED) and it should bring you to the screen above.

If the screen is locked or you are having problems you can always relaunch the Apollo app by hitting the home button on the remote (circled in green) and toggle to this app (circled in red) that will bring you back to the top screen above

If you togel all the way over to the left, you can select Movies, TV Shows or go to Search and Search for anything you want to watch. We provide a library of over 10,000 Movies, and 1,200 Full TV Shows as well as live TV